Thursday, March 27, 2014

spring nail colors

I absolutely love having my nails painted. I am just not very diligent with it, and always end up picking at the polish once it grows out a little. (I know, terrible habit.) But I actually made it one of my new year's resolutions to be better about my nails, and so far I've been doing well! (Insert confetti emoji!) Now that it's officially spring, I just want everything in spring colors. Which, of course, includes nail polish colors. Here are some of my favorite picks for spring!




What are your favorite nail colors for spring?


  1. Such great picks for spring! I think my favorite is the Essie Fashion Playground!!


  2. lovin corals this spring!!! xxo
    great picks


  3. oh these colors are perfect for Easter! so fun and cute!

  4. You forgot to include the perennial favorite, no matter what season - vibrant red! Always appropriate and relevant!


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