Sunday, March 9, 2014

weekly roundup

one: Yay for another Let It Go cover! This one is a remake of the song and is about winter in Chicago. It's performed by Dan Ponce, a news anchor in Chicago. And also a lead in the acapella group Straight No Chaser! (Which originated from my college and is totally and completely awesome.) Who wants to road trip it to Chicago so we can meet this awesome guy?

two: Get your tissues ready. I actually read this article a couple months ago, and then stumbled across it again a couple days ago. And preceded to tear up all over again. A dad decided to recreate his wedding photos with his daughter two years after losing his wife to a rare form of cancer. There are more pictures in the article, and it's probably the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

three: This guy is awesome and I want to meet him. Writer and illustrator October Jones likes to make his commute more exciting by drawing little illustrations for people's heads, and then post them to his twitter. I wonder if anyone's ever caught him and said something to him! 

Have a great week!

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  1. 1. Love that video! I knew he was one of the originators of Straight No Chaser as soon as I saw him! That talent cannot go unnoticed. Excellent job!
    2. That was so touching - both sad and happy! What a great way to remember his wife and celebrate his daughter!
    3. Let's do this the next time we are on the train to New York! Sol Cool!


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