Saturday, March 8, 2014

the glo-shop!

I love finding online boutiques. They are my new favorite way to shop (especially since it is so freezing outside!). I found the glo-shop through instagram (where I seem to find everything lately!), and immediately had stars in my eyes. Gloria has a selection of handmade (by herself!) and handpicked items, ranging from jewelry to hair accessories to patterned leggings! Plus, the best part, they are affordable for any girl on a budget! Cue doing a little happy dance. 
Gloria sent me The Bow Bracelet and The Anchors Away Bracelet, along with two of her Adjustable Headbands. I was not disappointed at all. The bracelets are gorgeous and perfect for stacking. And I'm always a sucker for anything with a bow or an anchor on it. To be completely honest, I don't wear headbands that often. I think they look funny with my bangs, and I have a abnormally large head (I'm serious. Women's hats are always too small for me!). But these headbands are perfect! I can make them as big as I want, and since they're thinner than most headbands, they don't look silly with my bangs. All in all, her products are amazing, and I will definitely be ordering more from the store! (I have my eye on this necklace and this headband ;))
Check out her website at to learn about her store and browse the products before shopping!
And for all my lucky readers, Gloria is offering 20% your purchase at the glo-shop! Just enter the code "love2glo" at checkout!

Head over to the glo-shop and remember to use the code "love2glo" for 20% off your order!
Which piece from the shop is your favorite?

The bracelets and headbands were provided by the glo-shop. All pictures and opinions are my own.
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  1. FANTASTIC products! Loved the bow bracelet! I obviously need to buy some for the rest of the girls!


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