Friday, March 21, 2014

lip scrubs

This weather is really doing nothing for my lips. I use chapstick constantly (this is my go to) but if I forget to put it on even once, I feel my lips are just instantly chapped and peeling! Painful and gross. I tried a lip exfoliator from the makeup brand ELF (which I had actually heard good things about, and it was only $1), but I didn't have good results at all. It just hurt my lips, everything got stuck on the stick and it actually broke off! So now I'm looking into other lip scrubs, and definitely reading reviews before I buy!



Have any of you had any success with lip scrubs? Which are your favorites?



    I ise that one! Very mosturizing and healing. And the best part is licking it off! c:

  2. Out of my league! I am a Burt's Bees person to the core!!


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