Sunday, March 23, 2014

weekly roundup

Lots to share this week! (Thanks to my sister for sending me most of these!)

one: I am never going to get tired of Let It Go covers. Especially when it's being sung it the voices of multiple Disney characters! This is definitely one of the best covers out there.

two: Wow. I had actual goosebumps on my arms after watching this. Carly, a 17 year old living with non-verbal autism, made this video with the help of her dad, to show people just what it's like to live with autism. It's an incredibly powerful video, and really makes you think. 

three: And back to frozen. Pretty sure we took a time jump, and this is actually me when I'm married and have a kid. These parents are completely awesome, and lip sync along perfectly!

four: Disney princess movies get a bad rep sometimes because they give us "unrealistic expectations". (Like perfect, awesome hair.) But it's also important to remember the love lessons they teach us. "Love is appreciating people for who they are inside."

five: And to round it out, an AMAZING video put out by my old high school. It really needs no description other than, BE BRAVE!

Here's to a great week!


  1. Well . . . the Frozen videos speak for themselves!! Love the first one (boy, is that guy talented!), and the parents were perfectly timed and wonderful (well, except that they made their daughter yawn in the background, and he takes his hands off the wheel while driving).

    Can you tell me more about the autism video? I found it very worthwhile as I don't truly understand autism at all.

    Finally, from the school that wouldn't let you have a prom, and the strictest principal I know, comes a video about being brave! Really . . . !


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