Tuesday, March 25, 2014

manly style

My Dad suggested I do a post about guy style (I probably would've done it eventually, but lets give him the credit ;)), so here we go!
Personally, I think a guy having style is quite important. Unfortunately, I'm surrounded by college guys who think a tshirt, sweatpants and slip on sandals is good enough. (Unless I walk by the business school. Boys in khakis and ironed button downs!) I thought maybe it was just something that bothered me, but a lot of girls I know feel the same way. A couple that I babysit for even brought it up after coming home from a date and a night of people watching, making sure to tell me never to date a guy who doesn't wear a nice outfit on a date! 
I have a men's style board on pinterest, so here are some of my favorite from there. Plus, check out one of the most fashionable guys out there, KJP. And of course my dad, who can rock bright shirts and crazy socks, and make it look awesome!

What's your favorite look to see on a guy?


  1. Guy style is so important and it's hard to master! I like a little bit of the hipster look but not too much!


    1. I completely agree! Like, a mix of preppy and hipster is just spot on.

  2. Seriously loving that you dad gave you this idea, way too cute!! They styles you picked are awesome, will definitely remember next time I need a gift idea for my boyfriend :)


    1. My dad is easily the number one fan of my blog! And thank you! I highly recommend the last one. Who knew purple and lime green went so well together?

  3. LOVE this post, as you can imagine!! And I am honored that you called me out, both in the idea and for my style! I am in heaven!!

    Love these looks, and want to know where I can get that shirt in the last picture! I'd wear that, and those shoes, in a heartbeat!!

    Thank you sweetie!


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