Thursday, July 31, 2014

white on white

Life update: finally headed home today! I'll be back in action tomorrow and catching up on all my blog reads, so be prepared to be flooded with comments ;)
I love the white on white trend on other people, but I've always been nervous about trying it myself. Mainly because I was sure it was a jinx to spill something on myself. So I added a pop of color in a fun cardigan, and I think I really like this trend! Plus, all these pictures have been fun to take with my parents, because I always end up doing the silliest poses!

sweater: TJMaxx (love this one) // shirt: Victoria's Secret // shorts: Target // shoes: Carlos Santana // sunnies: Ray Ban (similar)

How do you feel about the white on white trend?

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

the maxi trend

Life update: Driving to grandma's house today! (it's like a twelve hour total trip to get back home, so we always have to break it up)
Onto this maxi. I know it's hard to believe, but this is actually my first maxi dress. I know, I know, I'm crazy. I've just never found one that I like on me! They're always a tad too short, or just not my favorite. Enter a maxi I found on the dress rack at TJMaxx. I grabbed it on a whim, and immediately loved it when I tried it on. Plus, the $20 price tag made it a must and I just couldn't pass on this color!
(Fun fact: I used to do ballet here at the Musical Arts Center when I was younger!)

(yoga and ballet poses ;))
dress: TJMaxx (similar) // shoes: Chinese Laundry // necklace: Groopdealz

Anyone else late to join the maxi game?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

do the ice cream freeze, strike a pose

(If you know what song the title is from, we should probably be best friends.)
Life update: officially moving out of the apartment today! Thankfully, I have my parents and one of my good guy friends helping me out. We'll be staying in a hotel for the night, and then headed home! (Since I can't move into my new apartment yet.) Bloomington has been good to me for the past four years, but I'm ready to move on!
The first night my parents were here, we went out for dinner and ice cream. And let me tell you, as great as it sounds to use ice cream as a prop in pictures, you WILL end up with it melting all over your hands. Thankfully, it stayed off my clothes and my new tank from TJMaxx. I absolutely love the bright neon color of it, especially against white!

(gotta have some good bloopers ;))
shirt: TJMaxx (similar) // shorts: Target // shoes: Carlos Santana // purse: Charming Charlie (similar) // necklace: Groopdealz // earrings: American Eagle // nails: Essie Full Steam Ahead // sunnies: Cole Haan via Nordstom Rack

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Monday, July 28, 2014

the ankh

First things first, I'm officially moving tomorrow, so this is the last time that you'll see my pictures looking like this! Moving on and up! (Also, this means I won't be very good with getting back to comments and blogs, so bear with me this week!)
Now onto this shirt. I got it at Urban Outfitters a couple years ago, mainly because of the ankh symbol on the front, which is the Egyptian symbol for life. I have had this weird love for this symbol ever since I read a book called Secret Society, where they got this symbol tattooed on the back of their neck once inducted into the society (against their will!). But there was a time I seriously considered having an ankh tattoo. For now, I think I'll just stick with the shirt!

I also won one of the TJMaxx maxxinista contest gift cards! Woo! (I had a little too much fun spending it!)
shirt: Urban Outfitters // jeans: Lucky // necklace: gift (similar) // shoes: Carlos Santana // sunglasses: Ray Ban (similar) // // nails: Essie Fashion Playground

Do you have any random loves of symbols?

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

weekly roundup

one: Morgan Freeman's voice gets even more awesome when he inhales helium. Get ready to laugh.

two: As if I couldn't love Kristen Bell more, Mary Poppins Quits with Kristen Bell.

three: THIS IS SO COOL! You can fill 37 water balloons at once, and they somehow pop off already tied! Summer time perfection!

four: WHOA. This cheerleading video is beyond impressive! (Even if they are at UK.)

Have a great week!

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Friday, July 25, 2014

birthday outfit inspiration

I turn 22 a week from Sunday (Aug 3)! Woo! You better believe I'll be singing the Taylor Swift song all day long. (Sorry family.) I don't really have any set plans yet, but I'm just happy that I'll actually be at home with my family this year! I'm sure we'll end up doing something fun, so why not do a little birthday outfit inspiration?

Modcloth (a navy ballerina dress? yes please!) // Modcloth (always say yes to pink, polka dotted 50's inspired dresses)

Morning Lavender (lace and scallops, major win) // Little Nook Boutique (it's chambray, need I say more?)

Hazel&Olive (love the palm print and fringe!) // The Lucky Knot (the little anchor print is too cute!)

Which is your favorite?

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Thursday, July 24, 2014


As you guys know, I have a serious love for reading. All kinds of books, I could just read forever. (I've already read about twenty books this summer, and plan on getting a couple more in before my nursing program starts). So when I got an email from Emily Belden of Total E-Bag, a blogger turned author and known as the Carrie Bradshaw of Chicago, talking about her memoir Eightysixed, I jumped on the chance to read it! 

Now, to be honest, I was slightly nervous when I saw that it was a memoir. Sometimes they can be dry and boring, or stories that you don't really care about reading. But thankfully, that was not the case with this! It's her own personal experiences of her early twenties, and I found myself completely enthralled! I seriously read the entire thing in under a day (while munching on some popcorn, of course). I found myself laughing and sending certain quotes to my friends, and then feeling my heart break with her goodbyes and breakups. I could describe the book myself, but I don't think anything's better then Emily's own description.
"It's basically like if Bridget Jones was a Chicago foodie who dated Mr. Big and Christian Grey at one time or another. It's a seriously addictive, fast-paced read about trying to navigate your 20s in the big city. In the end, it does something for the soul; I really, truly, 100 percent believe that."
If you like reading at all, or even if you don't, this is an absolute must read!

And for all the bloggers out there who have considered writing their own books, Emily has given the Top Five Tips for Bloggers Who Want To Become Bloggers!

1) Don't Abandon Your Blog: A lot of bloggers think they can't keep up their site while also working on a book. Not only is that not true, but it's detrimental to the cause. You've got to keep your audience entertained, hooked on your content, and sharing your material so that they are all chomping at the bit for your book when it comes out.
2) Make Friends: Your best friend as a blogger is...other bloggers. Make friends in real with with the authors of your favorite blogs. They'll love sharing the news of your writing progress and merging their audience with yours can only lead to bigger, better things.
3) Consider Making Your Book an Extension of Your Blog: The easiest way to turn blog readers into book readers is to give them more of what they already know and love. I blogged (and still do) about 20-something life in Chicago. Eightysixed is the mecca of what it's like to be just that. Therefore my readers were excited to finally have something more than 400 words to sink in their teeth into.
4) Research, Research, Research: When it comes time to pitch the concept of your book - or a full length manuscript - make sure you get it into the hands of the agents and publishers who would be most drawn to and excited about your content. This takes a fair amount of research (and a bit of Twitter stalking), so make sure you do your due diligence.
5) Patience is a Virtue: Book-writing and publishing is a very long process. It took me 3.5-4 years total from start to finish and can take up to 7 before Eightysixed, the movie, comes out. But if writing is your passion, then there is no greater reward. So stick with it! 

And to sweeten the deal even more, Emily has provided discount codes to get her book, for both paperback and e-book!
Paperback: 20% off
Coupon Code: 2NPRU7QM 
e-reader Kindle/Nook: get the book for under $5.
Coupon Code: AR54R

So don't waste another second and go read Eightysixed! 

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

orange and gold

As you've probably noticed, my living room is starting to look a little bare. That would be because I'm moving next week! Wahooo! So all my Pittsburgh girls, let me know all the places I need to be going when I get there! ;) 
I wore this outfit out for a birthday dinner, and I just love how easy it is. The top is super lightweight so it doesn't stick to my skin in this humid weather, and while these heels are super tall, all that extra strap support makes them super comfy! (And I don't know why the picture quality is extra bad. Maybe I'll meet a hot photographer in Pitt who will take my pictures for me. A girl can dream, right? ;))

shirt: Francesca's (similar in chambray) // shorts: Target // necklace: Groopdealz // shoes: Target

Happy hump day!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

we'll never be royals

I've talked about Cakeworthy before in my post about all my Disney apparel, and I think this is one of my favorite shirts from them. Perfect use of the Lorde lyrics! ;) Plus, the monogrammed baseball cap is needed to hide my too long bangs that will be so thankful for a cut and highlights on Wednesday. (Insert praise hands emoji here!)

shirt: Cakeworthy (short sleeve version) // shorts: Target // shoes: Converse // hat: Marley Lilly // nails: Essie Fashion Playground

Anyone have any hidden gems of cute Disney apparel?

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