Sunday, March 30, 2014

weekly roundup

one: I have always wanted to take a Disney cruise (any cruise really, but especially Disney!). And now they're coming out with new locations! A cruise where I can go to the place that inspired Frozen? Sign me up! And for that Mediterranean one too!

two: 34 simple ideas to make your home more efficient! I love looking at articles like this, and some if these ideas are really cool!

three: I just watched the documentary Fame High on netflix, and I loved it! It's essentially the movie Fame in real life, and I found it so interesting! I also highly recommend First Position, which follows different ballerinas as they compete in a national competition.

four: My heart has melted! A mom and her two kids got stuck in an elevator, and in an effort to calm the little girl down, the firefighters sang Let It Go to her! So adorable!

five: Another heart melter. Duncan Lou Who is a two legged boxer, and the video is his first trip to the beach! He's so excited!

Have a fantastic week!


  1. Ahhhh loving all of these heartwarming videos!! Have you seen the video of Lexi Walker singing Let it Go? It's literally CRAZY how talented she is!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

    1. I have watched it! Probably the best Let It Go cover that I've heard! Plus, it's gorgeous to watch!

  2. O k . . . my comments to your posts . . .

    1) I'm game for any cruise, but prefer the Bahamas or whenever they head to Greece!! I'm sure a Disney cruise would be spectacular no matter where it went!
    2) Love the idea of the plug in the drawer!
    3) Do I need to have Netflix to watch this?
    4) Now those are some very cool firemen; and it says a lot about the strength of a good Disney song! I better watch that movie again!!
    5) I started crying - I loved that little boxer!! I had a melancholy weekend thinking about Tugger anyway!

    I guess I better check our Lexi Walker doing Let It Go!

  3. I love frozen too . Nice shared and nice post



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