Friday, March 28, 2014

perfume picks

Oh, how I love good perfume. Who doesn't? A pretty bottle with a pretty scent. Doesn't get too much better! Like everyone, I definitely have my go to scents. DKNY Be Delicious is my absolute favorite (actually need to be getting a new bottle of this one), and I also love Taylor Swift Wonderstruck. I love branching out with perfumes though, and of course always sample new ones anytime I'm near a perfume counter. Here are some ones I'm interested in, because I've tested them before, or I just love the bottle ;)

Tory Burch: I've actually tested this one at Sephora and immediately fell in love! Used the tester rollerball right then and there! Plus, the bottle is clean cut and very classy.

Chloe: I've heard a lot of great things about all the Chloe perfumes, so I'm very inclined to try it! Plus, look how pretty the bottle is.

Viva La Juicy Noir: I used to wear Viva La Juicy all the time (I still have a bottle, and wear it sometimes. I think I just got burnt out!). But I'm always down to try variations of perfumes I love. IT's like a whole new perfume, but with a tone you already like!

What are your favorite perfumes? Any suggestions for me?


  1. These are such great picks!! I love any Juicy fragrances - they all smell amazing! One of my favorites right now is Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel! (


  2. Too bad this was not a "scratch and sniff" post in order to get a real good feel for your choices. I have smelled the Tory Burch recently, and was so-so about it (though I LOVE that brand tremendously!). I try it again when we go shopping.
    Hint: always have a gentleman you trust smell your favorite choices to get his opinion! They are the ones you are trying to impress!!


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