Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dottie Rocks!

I have a newfound love for engraved pencils. Normally, I am strictly a pen kind of girl. Maybe just because I was so sick of my mechanical pencils after high school. But there is just something about writing with a pretty looking pencil. Makes doing all that homework just a little, tiny bit better.
I found Dottie Rocks on Etsy, and instantly fell in love! The shop is run by Karen, and she has an amazing collection of pencils including quotes from Marilyn Monroe to Downton Abbey! And all in the prettiest of colors, of course. 
She sent me the "Dirty Dancing" collection and the "Sleeps in Chanel No. 5" collection, and I honestly think I squealed when I opened the package. Not only is the packaging cute, the pencils are even prettier in person! And all of the pencils in the shop are affordable, which is always a major score in my book!

See what I mean about pretty packaging??

I obviously have a thing for taking pictures ;) 

Check out Dottie Rocks on Etsy and head over to her facebook page as well! It is definitely a worthy addition to any desk!
Which set is your favorite?

The pencils were provided by Dottie Rocks. All pictures and opinions are my own.
If you would like to work with me, or become a sponsor of Dress in Sparkles, feel free to email me at kyliemavrakis@gmail.com. 


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