Sunday, April 20, 2014

weekly roundup

one:  28 tiny animals that are so cute, they'll make you mad.  Pretty much self explanatory. 

two: Once again, complete sucker for any kind of dog video. Throw a baby in the mix, and I'm just a goner. Baby and puppy kisses!

three: Jersey Boys is a movie and coming out in June!! I've never had a chance to see the show, but I love the soundtrack and am so excited for the movie! I am definitely a fan of every broadway show being made into a movie. Or releasing a pro shot version of the musical filmed live. (I've mentioned I'm a broadway nerd, right?)

four: If you've ever flown Southwest, you've probably experienced having an awesome flight attendant who is hilarious. This lady just might win. 

five: Let's end on a heartwarming note. After Michael Vick was arrested for the dog fighting, the dogs were rescued and given new homes. This article shows you what's happened to a few of them, and it will no doubt make you smile. 

Let's have a great week!


  1. FANTASTIC Weekly Round-up! Loved it all, especially the Southwest attendant!!

  2. I had no clue that they were making Jersey Boys into a movie, I'm really excited now! :)



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