Friday, April 11, 2014

spring sweater

As switch out my winter clothes for my spring ones (yay!!!), I keep finding things I had forgotten about. Case in point: my favorite lightweight sweater. It had managed to work itself down under all my heavy sweaters in my drawer, and I found it while digging through everything to actually find something else. Love when that happens.

sweater: Anthropologie // shorts: delia's (love these!) // shoes: Carlos Santana (these are so fun!)

Anyone else finding spring clothes they forgot about?

1 comment :

  1. Cool sweater from a very cool store, cool sandals from a very cool "designer," and a messy couch in the background! Ahhhh . . . don't you love Spring?

    I think you forgot an "I" after the "As" in the first sentence. I'm just saying . . . .!


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