Sunday, April 13, 2014

weekly roundup

one: If I haven't made it abundantly clear before, I am a serious dog lover. My friends know better than to let me walk by the puppy store in the mall, because I will INSIST on playing with the puppies. And then get teary-eyed when I can't get one. This adorable video had me squealing, and a french bulldog is definitely on the (long) list of dogs I want. 

two: IT'S ALMOST HERE! Girl Meets World, the TV series sequel to Boy Meets World, is set to premiere sometime this summer, and I cannot wait. Boy Meets World was definitely one of my favorite shows growing up, and you better believe I'll be watching Disney Channel this summer to see Cory and Topanga as parents! Head over here to watch a teaser trailer!

four: 18 ugly truths about modern dating. Found myself just going "yup, yup, yup" to pretty much all of these. And if I hadn't experienced them myself? One of my friends have! 

five: I love posts with ridiculous test answers! I think I've read every single one of them out there at this point.

Here's to a fabulous week!

1 comment :

  1. Kylie,

    - LOVE that dog video!! If they could all be so easy . . . !
    - I take offense to anyone comparing Disney princes to a cat or kitten. How utterly ridiculous and misguided. Handsome dogs - maybe; but never a cat!
    - I never saw Boy Meets World, so I'll have to pass on commenting!
    - It has been so long since I dated, none of these make sense to me!
    - The test answers . . . absolutely fantastic! I wish I could be so clever! This post almost makes up for the Disney prince/cat thing!!

    Fun post!!


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