Thursday, April 3, 2014

the midi skirt

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I have to say, I kind of hated the midi skirt trend at first. As someone who really likes my short skirts, I thought they were all too much material and hit at an awkward place! But as with most trends, I have come around. After seeing midi skirts styled by some of my favorite fashion bloggers, I started falling in love with the trend and am now completely on board! Give me a midi skirt, a crop top and some fabulous heels, and I'm good to go! Here are some of my favorite midi skirts right now:



How about you? Would you rock the midi skirt trend?


  1. For what it is worth, my opinion is that the mid-skirt trend will be short lived. They work in a limited number of occasions, and are lost between fun and dowdy.

    Of course, you would look good in them as you look good in everything!

  2. I like the Midi skirt trend - I hang on to clothes for YEARS (my closet probably needs a good clean out...) so some of my Midi skirts are coming back in. I have a few from my mom's college days in the 1970's that are perfect right now and have cycled back to the front of my closet.


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