Thursday, February 6, 2014

believe in pink

Valentine's day is a little over a week away, and everyone I know is either being overly cutesy with their significant other or freaking about being single. Me? I'm just so ready to get my annual Valentine's Day care package from my parents, that I know will be filled with my favorite candies, and to wear pink and hearts! I just ordered this glorious bow package and can't wait to get it and wear the heart bow on the 14th. It'll be the one day of the year where my friends can't tease me for all the pink and bows I wear out to the bars here (although, they still probably will!). 
So whether you're going on a hot date with your special someone, or hanging out with friends, make sure you're dressed in holiday appropriate attire! 

As you can see, I'm a sucker for anything pink or with hearts on it!

So, I'll be gone for the next couple days. I'm driving up to Pittsburgh today to attend an open house for the accelerated nursing program I was admitted to for the fall! EEE! A very exciting trip for me!

I'll be back on Saturday night, and I hope you all have a magical end to your week!

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