Saturday, February 8, 2014

neon & black & nursing

I'm officially back from the shortest trip ever to Pittsburgh! I drove seven hours on Thursday, went to my open house for my accelerated nursing program last night, and drive the seven hours back today! I am beyond exhausted (but I will not let myself go to sleep until it's later so I don't get all thrown off). 
For those of you that don't know, I was admitted to the Accelerated Second Degree Nursing program at Duquesne University for the fall. Which, basically, is a year long program that you can enter once you already have a bachelor's degree (or or about to receive one, like me in May!) and you graduate with your Bachelor's in Nursing. I'm so unbelievably excited, and also incredibly nervous after that open house! It's a very, very fast program (basically three years of nursing classes and clinicals pushed into one!) and my life for a year is going to revolve solely around nursing. It's very scary and intimidating (my mom is intimidated and she's not even doing the program!), but I really do think I'm ready for the challenge. I may just lose my mind in the process. ;)
sweater: TJ Maxx // dress: Forever 21(in store) // bracelet: Oh So Bows // boots: Jessica Simpson (similar)
This was my outfit for the open house. (And all photo credit goes to my dad! Who willingly took this, even though I made him redo it a couple times). I tend to like to overdress even when it's not necessary, especially if it means getting to wear a dress or a skirt! I never get to wear them on campus right now thanks to negative temperatures, so this was quite the treat for me!

Once you're admitted to a college in my family and you decide to go there, it's pretty much a given that you will be buying a sweatshirt next time you go. So of course I came home with a sweatshirt (and a tshirt too)! And I pretty much never want to wash it because it's at that perfect soft stage right now. 

I hope you guys are having an amazing weekend!


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  1. your dress! <3 glad you had a great time bun!


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