Tuesday, February 18, 2014

missing new york city

Back in January, I had the amazing experience of going to New York with my best friend for a weekend! I didn't have my blog back then, so I figured now would be as good as time as any to share! Especially since she'll be coming to visit me in a couple weeks :)
We ended up going a day earlier than we had planned, because it was the first weekend of January, aka the first big snowstorm! It's lucky we did too, or else neither of us would have made it into the city. We both knew that the main thing we both wanted to do was see Broadway shows. And oh boy did we see Broadway shows! 
The first night, we saw Cinderella, with tickets via TKTS. Basically the TKTS booths offer same day tickets for a discounted price. They have a booth in Times Square, but it doesn't open until three for night shows, and the wait is insane! So we took the subway down to the South Street booth (thanks to handy dandy mapquest subway directions), waited in no line at all, and got twentieth row center section seats for half off!

Cher and I!

Santino Fontana (the voice of Prince Hans in Frozen!) who played the prince, and Ann Harada (she was on Smash!) who played a stepsister. 

Laura Osnes! She played Cinderella, and is on of my absolute favorite Broadway actresses. You may remember her from that Grease reality show a couple years back where they picked the cast for the Broadway revival! We unfortunately didn't get pictures with her because it was snowing so hard at this point, and security was rushing her through the line.

The next day, we knew we wanted to student rush for First Date. If you haven't heard of student rush, jump over here and check it out! Basically you can get same day, really cheap tickets with your student ID! And sometimes, they even have just a general rush! So we headed over to the First Date box office, and ended up getting fifth row seats for the matinee for only $30! Epic win! We then decided, in about .1 seconds, that this meant we should also student rush for a night show. Hence how we ended up getting great seats to see Beautiful: the Carole King musical!

Krysta Rodriguez (she was on Smash) who played Casey, the main girl, and Zachary Levi (Chuck and the voice of Flynn Ryder!) who played Aaron, the main guy. I look like I'm frozen because I was. Completely an ice cube. But waiting the forty-five minutes for these pictures were worth it. 

We didn't end up staying for pictures with the Beautiful cast, mainly because we were a tad bitter over the fact that we didn't get to see Jake Epstein (he was on Degrassi) in the part of Gerry Goffin (last minute sub by the understudy). I also wasn't feeling very well at this point and was cranky, so props to Cher for dealing with me.

And on our last day, we hit up two places we were dying to go. Alice's Tea Cup on the Upper West side and Laduree on the Upper East side (aka the place with the macarons!).
Both places were fabulous and surpassed my expectations, and I would highly recommend trips to both!

All in all, it was such an amazing weekend! I can't wait for our next adventure in March!

If you have any questions about the trip, feel free to ask!

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