Sunday, February 2, 2014

weekly roundup

I love finding random things all over the internet. It's actually become a joke with my dad and I now, because every time he sends me something to look at, I've usually already seen it! And when I tell him, he always responds with a "I should've known!". Here are a couple things that have been on my radar this week...

(one): Two things you should know about me. One, I LOVE Disney. My mom worked as a Regional Manager for the Disney Store when I was born and we lived close to DisneyLand, so I was definitely brought up into a Disney world. Of course now, my mom always says she bred a Disney monster ;). Two, I have a love for fashion illustration, which probably stems from my dad working in the greeting card business and with artists for most of my life. So finding this deviantArt absolutely blew my mind! Look how gorgeous Elsa and Cinderella are! Head over to Frozen-Winter-Prince to see the rest of the collection, and all the other beautiful illustrations!

(two): Another thing you should know about me...I LOVE Broadway. Love, love, love it. There is just something so magical about seeing a show, and I've loved the experience of it since I was old enough to start seeing shows. In the beginning of January, I had the greatest opportunity to go to New York with my best friend, where we got to see three shows (thank you TKTS and student rush!). One of those shows was Cinderella, with the lovely Laura Osnes. Throughout her run in the show, Laura did a behind-the-scenes vlog called the Princess Diaries, and since she left the show last week, her final one was posted. I definitely teared up watching it, and I highly recommend watching it if you like anything Broadway or behind-the-scenes! 

(three): Taking my Broadway love and pairing it with my love of reading has led me to buying this book. I was listening to the Rent soundtrack way before I was old enough to be, or old enough to understand anything about it (it's one of my parent's favorite musicals), and I've been in love since I saw the movie, and then got to see a student production of the show my freshman year. I love reading or watching anything that goes behind-the-scenes of my favorite things, and I have high hopes on this book delivering. I only just started reading it, and I've already teared up twice!

(four): I live in a very tiny apartment. Very tiny. It's a studio, and since I decided to live alone this year (which I do NOT regret at all), it's the apartment I ended up getting. I really don't mind having a small place. The only thing that's really bothered me in the couple months that I've lived here is the fact that I didn't get to keep my desk. I simply didn't have room for it! However, now I'm really trying hard to figure out how to work one into my space, which is difficult since I can only put it into one area, and that area is quite tiny. I've found a couple possible options, but it seems like the smaller desks are actually more expensive! I think I'll have to do some more research, and maybe have my parents give their input too.

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