Sunday, February 16, 2014

weekly roundup

one: I'm normally not really a pencil girl. I use pens for most everything, but I think I might have to start with pencils again! How could you resist getting these and using them for everything? You can get the #ThingsWeLove Pencil set at Design Darling and The Paris Collection Pencils at AmandaCatherineDes! (And you can always splurge a little more and go for the Kate Spade set ;))

two: I just about died from cuteness after watching this video! It's a little girl named Kayden experiencing rain for the first time at 15 months old. Prepare yourself for cooing and squealing at your computer screen.

three: Have you guys heard of Sugarfina? I discovered it this week (thanks Lexie!!) and I have fallen in love. At first I just thought it was a high end candy store, which it is. But....they have champagne gummy bears! It's the best part of being a kid and the best part of being an adult wrapped up in one happy package! They also have champagne bubbles, which look like gumdrops covered in sprinkles! I think I've found my new candy obsession. Get the gummy bears here and the bubbles here

four: I already included the pink tulle skirt from Space 46 in my Valentine's fashion post, but I had to share even more! I've been in love with the idea of having a tulle skirt ever since finding the Space 46 boutique. They offer different colors and lengths, and you can even order a custom one if you want something completely original! Shop the tule skirts at Space 46 here. (Feel free to get me one and send it my way!)

Here's to a great week ahead!


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  1. Love, love, love that video! I think the best part of life is experiencing the everyday things we take for granted through the eyes of a child; be it rain, Christmas, snow, birthday cake, and friendship. We can all learn so much by realizing how blessed we truly are with just the everyday experiences, like the wonder and joy of rain! Thanks for sharing this and bringing back such great memories of when I experienced these wonders through you!


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