Monday, September 8, 2014

breaking the rules

Going to a school that's only five hours away from home, as opposed to twelve, is SO MUCH BETTER! Especially considering my grandma is about 45 minutes from me, and my family can stay there so no one has to get a hotel. So. Nice.
And now the outfit. So... does anyone actually follow the no white after Labor Day rule anymore? I mean, winter white is totally a thing now, and white looks awesome with fall colors. So I think I'll just be over here, breaking all the rules.

(my sister very begrudgingly joined the photoshoot!)

on me shirt: Forever 21 (similar) // shorts: Target // belt: American Eagle (similar) // shoes: Target (similar) // sunnies: nich boutique

on Cody dress: Target // sunnies: Ray-Ban

Who else is ready to do some rule breaking?


  1. At least you look fab breaking the rules! I totally can't stay away from white so I even broke the rule ON Labor Day!

  2. BREAK THE RULES!! White was perfect for this weekend!

    You and your sister are GORGEOUS!!

  3. Ah that old rule is silly anyway. You're right, white looks awesome with autumn colors. Love this outfit, that blouse is so pretty!

    prosecco in the park

  4. i have thrown that rule out of window forever ago. pretty color on the blouse!

  5. we totally are breaking the no white after labor day rule too! love this look on you :)

    Brittani and Katie

  6. Oh definitely breaking the no white after labor day rule over here! I mean really, who still follows that? Maybe my mom ;) Love that blouse with the white shorts, the perfect fall transition.


  7. I hate that rule! It literally makes no sense.... Love this sweet bow detailing on this top!
    xo Erin

  8. Aw you and your sis look adorable in burgundy! White after Labor Day is always a good idea! ;)

    <3 Shannon

  9. You're too cute! Love that blouse!

  10. Breaking the rules is what its all about :) You and your sis both look adorable!!


  11. Bun! I have the same top. c: From Tar-jay, right?

    We are twinning again. <3_<3 Lava you! Keep up the good blogging work! (/sounds like proud grandma)

  12. Love the color of your top! and no white after labor day is definitely a thing of the past :)

    -Blush Bazaar

  13. Cute outfit! I love blouses like this that can be worn casually or more dressy.


  14. I love this top!! The color is beautiful on you! and it's ok to break the rules every now and then!


  15. This blouse is so perfect!

    This rule was meant to be broken!

    xx Cara

  16. Girl I wore white on Friday! You rock those white shorts after labor day!


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