Friday, September 5, 2014

weekly roundup

one: First of all, we gotta talk about how EPIC this is!!! Best 20 year movie anniversary reunion EVER! (Plus, how cute did Alfalfa get?!)

tw0: the 25 best So You Think You Can Dance routines (according to someone on Buzzfeed). Surprisingly, this list is actually pretty amazing and includes pretty much all the greats, like Bleeding Love above (except for the prom dance, what gives Buzzfeed!?!) And it even includes some that I had forgotten about (RAMALAMABANGBANG)!

three: A dog and his trampoline. Oh my god, the cuteness.

four: 28 things that kids today will never understand. SO. TRUE. Oh the struggle of having to wait until Mom got off the phone so I could log onto AOL!

five: Ending on a pretty serious note here, in light of the "nail polish to stop rape" news stories that have been circulating. This is an article called "11 ways to stop rape better than nail polish" and I think it makes some excellent points. The way we treat this issue in this country is just not okay, and it needs to be changed, and fast.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Aww that little rascals poster is just beyond adorable! But man it really makes me feel old hehe :)


  2. Haha that first pic!! Too funny!

  3. Omg I died at the little rascals poster!! It's so perfect I sent it to my brother last night and we had like an hour long convo of YouTube clips from that movie haha!!! Omg I'm a huge SYTYCD fan so Im checking that out now!!! I've seen every season ha!

    <3 Shannon

  4. That Little Rascals pictures is too funny!

  5. We watched the little rascals the other night in honor of the anniversary. Oh how I miss the days of AIM and away messages haha


  6. Love this post! And the little rascals! :)


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