Thursday, September 4, 2014

in and out

So I have a problem that I'm sure everyone, whether you're in school or an office, has to deal with. It's still HOT outside, and the AC is just blasting in every building I'm in. SO. COLD. I feel like my friends and I spend half of our class whispering to each other about how cold we are and how we have goosebumps. So any outfit I wear has to be cool enough to wear outside, yet be able to add something so I don't freeze to death inside. It's a struggle. Thankfully I have a rather large collection of cardigans, which have become my best friends again recently. 

tank: J.Crew Factory // shorts: Target (similar) // belt: American Eagle (similar) // sweater: Gap (similar) // shoes: Chinese Laundry // bracelet: C.Wonder (similar) // watch: Tag // earrings: Accessory Jane c/o

Everyone else has this problem, right??


  1. Awesome print on that tank- love it!
    And I feel you- my office is cold year-round, so my space heater is always running under my desk, despite the fact it may be August + 95 degrees outside!


  2. Love the print on your tank, it's so cute. I know what you mean. The temperature of my office rivals the refrigerator so it's cardigans every day. Hopefully it cools down soon!

    prosecco in the park

  3. I love this look! The layering is the perfect fashionable solution to your hot/cold problem which I am totally experiencing at work!!


  4. Layers like cardigans are definitely the way to go when it's hot outside, but freezing inside. I, too, find myself practically shivering in classrooms, but as soon as I'm out the door, I'm blasted by the heat outside! But I try not to take the A/C for granted... I have one class where there's no air conditioning and it's awful, so I think I'd much rather be freezing and having to bring a sweater than sweating!

    The Darling Sort

  5. Omg yes!! Why do they always do that?! Yes it is hot out but why does it need to be 50 degrees inside?! Lets save some energy people and not make us freeze to death! I heard they do that so people wont fall asleep in class but I doubt thats true haha! Anyways, you look adorable as always! Love the florals combined with the stripes!

    <3 Shannon

  6. I totally have this tank in my post tomorrow! And of course, I have a cardigan over it, because it is so cold in my building!

  7. Love this top! :) So cute!
    xo Erin


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