Thursday, March 5, 2015

flowers galore

First things first, I'm writing this from my new laptop! EEK! I had a Macbook before (the old white one) and it lasted me a good five years. But the battery life and speed was just not cutting it anymore, and I finally got to upgrade to the Macbook Pro! I've said "it's so preeeeeeeetty" so many times now.
Okay, on to today's post. I went to the Philadelphia Flower show yesterday, and WOW. I don't even know how to describe these amazing scenes people put together using all live plants. And this year's theme was Disney and Pixar movies, which obviously made it about ten million times more awesome! So now get ready for picture overload! :)

top: Forever 21 (similar) // skirt: Forever 21 (similar) // tights: Anne Klein // boots: Calvin Klein (similar)

Practicing to take over for Vanna ;)

Has anyone else been to the Philly flower show?


  1. Loving your outfit, especially that blouse! A flower show? Yes, please!! Any reminder that spring is around the corner would be amazing!!

  2. I just LOVE fresh flowers--how beautiful!! And your outfit is so adorable :)


  3. Is it weird that I just want to lay down in the middle of all of those?! So beautiful!

    xx Cara


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