Friday, March 6, 2015

weekly roundup

one: Oh my cuteness. This groom pauses during his vows to say vows to his new wife's daughter, and it totally brought me to tears. How amazingly sweet!

two: 31 times celebrities gave the BEST responses to sexist questions. Starting up the slow clap right now. You ladies rock.

three: A list of the best proposal spots at Disney parks. Can I just have a proposal at each of them? ;) I think the Be Our Guest restaurant would top the list for me (with my love for Beauty and the Beast), but the caricature idea is SO cute!

four: 17 very very tiny kittens. Oh my goodness. Now only if they could stay this cute and adorable forever, I could probably be a full on cat person. 

Have a fun (and hopefully somewhat warm) weekend!

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