Friday, December 5, 2014

weekly roundup

one: So most of you know now that I'm in an accelerated nursing program, but I don't think everyone knows that I want to go into pediatrics. Always have, no matter what job I was thinking of. And the Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital in Orlando is where I want to end up working (for so many reasons). This video was put out last year, but I just had to share! THIS is the reason I want to go into pediatrics. To help these kids and make the situation even slightly better for them. (Beware, tears may fall. Happy ones!)

two: The best photos ever taken on a roller coaster. These people are seriously awesome.

three: WANDERLUST ALERT. The top 50 cities to see in your lifetime. Yes please. Who wants to go?

four: What happens when you put stressed out people in a box full of kittens. I need this ASAP. Maybe one full of puppies too.

five: For your friend who is too excited about Christmas. I am totally that friend. (Decorations up and Christmas music since the beginning of November!)

Have a fab weekend!


  1. That is so awesome you want to go into pediatrics! It takes a person with a big heart for that :)

  2. Baha! That splash mountain picture!!

  3. Hehe that picture is cracking me up!! And my sister is about to graduate this year as a nurse and she really wants to do pediatrics too--you girls must have huge hearts and a lot of guts :) I think that would be the hardest thing, but the people that do it are just so amazing!


  4. All great things!! And good for you going into pediatrcs!! Only the strongest people can do that! :)

    Sugar & Something


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