Sunday, June 22, 2014

weekly roundup

two: Anddddd I'm a puddle of goo. I have no idea what this is really for, but I don't care at all. Seriously one of the cutest things to ever happen.

three: This family has had boys for the past couple grandkids, and these parents decided to tell everyone they were having another boy. And then surprised everyone that it's a girl when they come to see the new baby. Their reactions are hilarious


Have a fab week!

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  1. O....M...G...! This group tops them all!

    I am still crying over the First Date video. Clearly, the best video I have ever seen; which is biased by any father who has had girls! This brought back such vivid and fun memories from raising two of the best young ladies that could ever be! Thank you so much for sharing this, making my day, and helping me remember my first dates . . .! Love you so much!

    LOVED the surprise baby video - so cute! And the Emma and Andrew signs . . . priceless!

    I need to watch the First Date video again, and cry some more!


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