Thursday, October 8, 2015

Simple Skin Care

So I'm going to start this off by saying this post isn't sponsored or anything of the sort. I just had a really good experience with the brand Simple, and I wanted to share, in case anyone else is experiencing what I did!
Last year was a terrible skin year for me. I've always gotten a few breakouts here and there, but last year, it was like my face just exploded. I think it was from the stress of my accelerated nursing program, but I didn't really care. All I wanted was for my skin to go back to normal.
I tried lots of different face washes in lots of different brands, ending with one that actually claimed to help with stress acne. And...that one completely dried out my face and left it so dry that I was just in constant pain. So, obviously not the best experience ever. The next day I went out and grabbed the calmest face wash I could find, which ended up being the Simple Moisturizing face wash. 
I think it took less than two weeks for my skin to go back to it's normal, healthy, stress acne free self! After that, I was a Simple brand convert. I don't think my skin has ever been so healthy! 

I should also mention that this all happened back in April. I waited so long to write this just to make sure I would still love it after a couple months. And I DO! 

As you can see, I have a lot of the products. The moisturizing face wash is my staple. The moisturizer leaves my skin soft and never greasy. The eye makeup remover is AMAZING and is the first one that never bothers my eyes when I inevitably get it in my eyes. The eye de-puffer rollerball is fabulous cooling relief, and the cleansing wipes are PERFECT for getting makeup off!
My favorite product? Probably the micellar water. I first read about the wonders of micellar water here, and I was eager to try it after! It is so easy to do in a hurry (or when you're still trying to wake up in the morning), and I can actually see the dirt and grime it cleans out of my pores (which is weirdly awesome?). 
So basically, if you're looking to make a skin care product switch, I highly recommend all of this, because I've had some pretty fabulous results with it! And if you have any questions feel free to shoot them my way!

Have you ever used Simple before?

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