Tuesday, July 14, 2015

netflix lately

I have become such a Netflix addict lately! (whoops) It's kind of the perfect study break for me, and helps me get my mind off all my work. Which I definitely qualify as a fabulous thing ;) And since I love getting recommendations from my friends, I figured I'd share some of my favorites as of late!

The Bletchley Circle: Oh my goodness, I LOVED this show. I have such a thing for mysteries lately, and this show was just perfect. It's set in the 50's in England, where a group of women who worked together during the war come back together to try and stop a serial killer. SO. GOOD. (Plus, there's only three short seasons, so it's an easy binge watch!)

The Fall: Yet another one I loved immediately. It's extremely suspenseful and crazy, right from the get go! Jamie Dornan (aka Christian Grey) is a serial killer, and a detective is brought in to solve one of the murders, and then becomes intent on catching him. There's only two seasons out now, with a promise of a third one coming soon. I flew through the first two, and I CANNOT wait for the third! I have to know what happens!

Ballet 422: I did ballet for a big chunk of my life, so I love watching anything concerning ballet. This documentary goes through the process of choreographing a dance, teaching the dancers, to even doing the costumes and the stage aspects. IT was SO interesting, and the dancing it was just beautiful (Tiler Peck is one of my favorite ballerinas, and she's featured in the piece). I highly recommend this!

If you watch any of these, let me know so we can chat and love them together! ;)

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