Monday, July 27, 2015

Michaela: How Blogging Made Me Brave

Hi all! I am so happy to say that it is my final week in my accelerated nursing program! It's been a long, crazy, insane, hectic year, but it will all be worth it in just a few days when I'm DONE! (And once I pass the NCLEX and become a registered nurse, and then start pediatric nursing!) So since I'm going to be pretty busy this week, I decided to get some of my favorite blogging ladies to guest post for me!
First up we have Michaela, who I absolutely love! I started following her because I loved her edgier style, and how she could could make everything look classic and put together. And when she started showcasing her art, I fell in love even more! She's probably annoyed of all my "LOVE THIS" comments on all her art posts! ;) But seriously, she is so incredibly talented, and I knew I wanted to have her guest post so everyone else could see her amazing art! (But I'm calling dibs on the Haunted Mansion painting, so don't get too attached ;))

How Blogging Made Me Brave

Before this post turns into an article I want to thank Kylie for allowing me to post on her lovely blog! She is so kind and seriously one of my favorite internet friends. I adore her!

Now onto what the title implies, or proclaims rather. Yes, blogging made me brave. When I refer to such courage I am far from comparing myself to war vets, or even hinting that I have conquered my fear of flying and/or spiders. Ha. When I say bravery, I mean confidence. My blogging career began shortly after college with my best friend who suggested we combine closets and play dress up. This was before influencers had assumed a third of all fashion week's seats and had larger followings than movie stars. For us, it was just an excuse to hang out more and keep our writing skills fresh. That venture eventually evolved into a hobby which led to collaborations, brand partnerships and friends like Kylie! 

With that said, to blog one must be resilient. Whether you are a fashion blogger, a food blogger, a mommy blogger, whatever, you are putting your interests, tastes, thoughts, etc. out into the world. A virtual world where anyone can cycle through your very personal and original content and form their own opinions about you and your writing. (That includes friends, family, frenemies, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, whomever. It. is. scary.) 

Yet, and I am sure many of my fellow bloggers would agree, that once you get over that hump of embarrassment and fear of judgement you are free, you are confident, you are courageous enough to partake in any sort of work that tickles your fancy. That is exactly what happened to me. 

Blogging served as my creative outlet for many years, but is was always a place holder for my long suppressed dream of becoming an artist. Finally with encouragement from family, friends and you guessed it... fellow bloggers, leapt into the realm of self-employment. Without learning confidence from blogging, in other words how not be afraid of negative reactions, I may have never been brave enough to make art for a living. 

So to all you bloggers out there that made it to the end of this post or even the ones that read the title and got the point, keep it up. Do you. You never know where this hobby or job will take you, but I promise at the very least fear will no longer hold you back from your dreams.

xo Michaela

Art enthusiasts, be sure to check out my instagram and website! New paintings will be available Thursday July 30th. And for those of you who are curious, here is my old blog. xo


  1. Congrats on it being your last week! That is so exciting!

  2. Such a great guest post! Love learning about new bloggers! XO


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