Monday, November 16, 2015

insta roundup

This is a roundup of some of my favorite instagram posts from the past couple weeks, for those who don't follow along on instagram (@kyliemav) or who don't like using ShopStyle to shop instagram posts! 

First red cup of the season! You have got to try the caramel apple good! Also, this is probably the comfiest shirt I own. 

I have discovered the magic of poutine, and if I could have this stuff every day....I would happily be 500 lbs.

Okay, so this is also one of the comfiest shirts I own. PLUS, proceeds from all the shirts from Ivory Ella go to saving the elephants. Win. 

Okay, so I am no OBSESSED with podcasts. (Like, enough that I'm going to write a post about them soon.) And Serial is the one that started it all. Highly recommend listening to it!

And because this quote has become ever more prevalent after the events in Paris over the weekend....

I hope everyone has a great Monday!


  1. No one get's me pumped for the holidays via social media quite like you! I love it! Also, recently finished Serial (finally) and it was amazing.



  2. Caramel apple cider is seriously SO good!!! I don't know how I dind't know about it before this year!


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