Monday, June 8, 2015

bucket list

I first wrote about my bucket list back in August, and it's definitely grown considerably since then! I just feel like there's so many things I want to do and see, that I need to keep a list so I don't forget any of them! And in terms of travel, there are SO many places I'd like to visit! (And Snapchat is really not helping lately with their daily stories in different countries. Just adding to the list!) I love sharing bucket lists with people, and finding out all the things they want to do as well! 

(from pinterest)

- Go on a Disney cruise
-Sit first row at a Broadway show
-See an American Ballet Theatre ballet in NYC (preferably with Misty Copeland or Tiler Peck!)
-Take an aerial silks class
-Go skydiving
-Tour the Catacombs in Paris
-Get a puppy that's all mine

What's on your bucket list? I'd love to know!


  1. I would LOVE to see a ballet in NYC!!

  2. Omgsh my friend took those aeriel silk classes and it looked SOOO fun!! That is on my bucket list too :)



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