Wednesday, April 1, 2015

boxes to try

This whole "box subscription" service has really taken off lately! You can just about anything sent to you in a monthly box, ready for you to try out. Personally, I think it's pretty darn awesome. It's like a gift to yourself every month! Here's a roundup of service I'm either a part of, have heard great things about, or just want to try!

Birchbox/Ipsy: Both of these are pretty much the same: $10/month, and you get a sampling of beauty products to try. I think this is great because you get sample sizes (and sometimes full sizes) of products you want to try, but don't want to buy a full size of. Plus, it's really good for people like me, who never really stray out of their makeup basics. IT forces you to try new things! As for one service versus the other, my sister has Ipsy and loves it! I used to hear some not so great things about Birchbox and the products they send, but I think they've stepped up their gain lately! So you can't go wrong with either!

Rocksbox: I did a whole post on Rocksbox earlier this month, so I won't write a whole bunch for this one! I just wanted to include it because I absolutely love this service. It's basically Netflix for jewelry for $19/month, and you can keep the pieces for a discounted price if you fall in love. Amazing! And you can get your first month free with the code "kyliemavrakisxoxo"!

Nature Box: An old teacher of mine started getting this box when it first came out, and I always assumed I wouldn't like anything in it because it would be all weird, healthy snacks. One day I actually looked at the list of snacks you can pick for your box, and I was shocked! Popcorns, fruit snacks, and delicious look granola? I was sold immediately! This service starts at $19.95/month (you can add on how many snacks you want each month), and you start with a free trial box with their best selling snacks. And after that, you pick which snacks you want in each box. Um, yes please.

Le Tote: This service is like Rocksbox, but for clothes! You pay a monthly fee ($49/month), and get a box with 3 pieces of clothing and two accessories that are picked out by your personal stylist! (Who had help from the style quiz you took, and the pieces you favorited.) You can send it back as many times as you want it one month, and get a new one right away! And of course, if you love something, just keep it and they'll charge you the discounted rate! (And they take care of all the laundry and cleaning of the clothes. AWESOME) This is one I haven't tried yet (college student budget), but I really want to in the future!

What boxes do you use? Any I should know about?


  1. I had been wanting to try one of these for months and I finally did Birchbox and have been pleasantly suprised at how much I love it :) I look forward to it every month now!


  2. Le Tote is great, but I have to take months off from it a lot. I usually only do every other month so that it's only $25 out of the monthly budget and I just save up two months for it!


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