Tuesday, November 18, 2014

netflix lovin

I'm pretty sure we're all netflix lovers at this point. How could we not be?? I do the instant and DVD, mainly because there are so many awesome things that are DVD only! (Yes, I realize this is netflix's way of getting more money, and yup, they totally have me sucked in.) But lately I've been watching more and more on instant. It's such a good study incentive! Finish readings and notes, watch an episode. Finish the study guide, watch an episode. I just gotta be careful not to get into marathon mode ;)

My latest obsession is The Borgias, a Showtime show that was on for three seasons starting in 2011. The way I've been describing it is Game of Thrones in Rome with the Pope. SO GOOD. I watched the first season over a couple days (don't judge, it's only 9 episodes), and I just love it. The characters are fabulous and I'm so sucked into the plot! Totally one of those shows where you find yourself talking to the characters during it (a whole lot of "No! No! Don't go in there! Run away!" kind of stuff). Plus, the Pope is the voice of Scar in the Lion King. Definitely reason enough to try it out. 
So, that's my recent obsession, and now I want to know yours! What are your favorites and suggestions? My list is forever long, but I always like adding to it ;)



  1. I've heard this show is amazing! I might just have to add it to my binge watch list!

    Sugar & Something

  2. OK - I must admit my obsession is reading the Dress in Sparkles blog. I just can't seem to get enough!
    I know . . . call me crazy!

  3. I will be adding this to my list--I got hooked on Hart of Dixie on Netflix :) I can't wait til season four comes out!


  4. I haven't even heard of this but now I need to check it out!

    xx Cara

  5. I've never watched this show, but I hear it is amazing! I am always looking for my next show to binge watch!! :)


  6. I love GoT so I"ll have to check this show out!


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