Thursday, November 20, 2014

coffee table books

I totally have a love for and an obsession with coffee table books (is anyone really surprised?). I totally have plans in the future of having a huge bookcase filled with pretty books (think Mackenzie's awesome bookcase in her apartment). I've started my collection already (thanks mom and dad), and just like me, it's completely random. I have one that just pictures of puppies, then we jump to the first Kate Spade one, and then over to one all about Vera Wang and weddings. Not to mention my pretty extensive cookbook collection. I think the mix keeps it fun though! Below are some favorites of mine, and some I'm lusting over. It's definitely just as mixed and random as my current collection!

What's your favorite coffee table book?


  1. I have a few beauty + styled related books I keep on a little table in my dressing room. Mostly as decoration- but I've grabbed 'em to reference + pick up a few tips here and there.

    I love that Great Escapes: Italy coffee table book. Italy is sooo gorgeous!

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  2. Love coffee table books!! These are so perfect! You just made me realize how much I need the Kate Spade one haha!!


  3. I'm moving soon and in NEED of coffee table books! Love this inspo!

  4. I looove coffee table books and have so many on my wishlist! I remember when The Rachel Zoe Projected started and the fire place at her house was completely surrounded by's what I dream of :)

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