Friday, October 31, 2014

weekly roundup

one: Starting on a serious note today. My friend's dad was in a terrible accident two weeks ago, and even though he awoke from his coma when the doctors didn't think he would, he's still in very critical condition. If there's anything you can do to help, I know she and her family would be beyond grateful. Here's the link for the gofund page that was set up by her dad's co-workers.

two: Now we need a laugh. I was laughing so hard that I was crying while watching this! I don't know if any of this ever actually made the air, but I'm so glad they released this video!

three: I'm so excited for Into The Woods! It's not my favorite musical in the world (the first act is better than the second in my opinion), but how could someone not be excited with the amazing cast they assembled? I'm just excited to see Chris Pine sing with his magical prince hair. Watch this video which is like a cool mashup of the trailer and some behind the scenes, and be as excited as me. 

four: IT'S ALMOST TIME! Mockingjay Part 1 comes out on Thanksgiving and I'm so excited (can you tell I get excited by a lot?). My family has a tradition of seeing a movie on Thanksgiving, and you better believe we'll be seeing this! (Everyone in my family read the books!) They finally released the "official" trailer, and I totally have goosebumps!

five: Fast food workers tell you what food you should never order. Most of them made sense, but hearing the details made it even grosser for a lot of them! 

Have a fun Halloween weekend!


  1. I can't believe Mockingjay comes out soon! I can't wait! And the fast food details... um gross. Happy Halloween!

    <3, Pamela

  2. I am so excited for the Mocking Jay Part 1 release! Such an amazing series...
    The Doctor Diva

  3. Thank you bun. <3 XX to you and your blog!


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