Friday, January 31, 2014

a love/hate relationship

I have a serious love/hate relationship with makeup. I love all the different kinds and options, and I love seeing all the makeup tutorials online. But I'm totally incapable of doing those tutorials most of the time, and usually stick to my main products no matter how many new ones I buy. I am trying to be better about that, but when getting ready for class in the morning, it's so much easier to stick to the routine I know will look good (and won't take too much time).
I pretty much stick to basics: foundation (although I've been using BB cream lately), powder, blush, tiny bit of eyeshadow, eyeshadow liner and mascara. And I very rarely stray out of that. The good thing that's come out of my routine is that it gave me the chance to try different brands of the products I use daily, and find my real favorites, which I do think is important. When you're wearing something every day on your face, you should most certainly be in love with it! So here are some of my absolute favorites...
The Too Faced Natural Palette is something I've had for over four years now. I like sticking with the neutral colors on my eyes (which are brown), especially for a daily use. "Silk Teddy" is what I use on a daily basis, "Honey Pot" really makes my eyes pop, and "Nude Beach" is the perfect sparkly shadow for a night out.
I also use this palette for my eyeliner. It comes with an angled brush that makes putting on eyeliner easy, even for eyeliner challenged people like myself! I can never seem to get an even line with normal stick eyeliner, and liquid terrifies me. But using eyeshadow is really simple, and can fixed quickly by just smudging it a little! I use "Sexpresso" normally, but will probably start using the "Erotica" soon, since my "Sexpresso" square is running out!

I started using BB Cream over the summer, and instantly fell in love with this Too Faced one. It gave me great coverage without being too heavy (which I always hated with my foundation), it has 20 SPF (which all magazines beat into you is really important), and it even has a little shimmer in it (very classy, not Bath and Body roll on glitter type). Plus, since you use a little less than you would with foundation, the bottle lasts a while! I use the "creme glow" and it blends nicely into my skin.

So, I apparently have a love affair with Too Faced products. I didn't even realize how much until making this post. This is Better Than False Lashes mascara, and easily the most amazing mascara I have ever used. Ever since I was allowed to start wearing mascara, I've been trying different ones and trying to find one that makes my eyelashes standout and look great all day. I bought this on a whim when at Sephora, and it's probably the best makeup purchase I've ever made. You put on a layer of the mascara, then the nylon fibers (using a mascara wand-super easy!), and seal it with another coat of mascara! It keeps my eyelashes looking long and beautiful all day. And the best part? Thanks to the nylon fibers, the mascara basically slides off your eyelashes with some water. 

Maybe this year will be the year I'll try to be adventurous with makeup. I have started to branch out and wear lipstick instead of my basic lipglosses, so I think that's a big step! Plus, I have some plans to try some makeup tutorials in the next couple months, so we'll see how it goes! Until then, I'll be keeping with my basics and my favorite products.


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